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EASY RIDER was formed in Madrid Spain during 1988 with the union of Javier Villanueva-Guitar; Daniel Castellanos-Guitar; Jose A. Villanueva-Bass and Antonio M. Chaves-drums. It was throughout their initial time together that gave the group the strength and continuity necessary to develop a serious project as well as an ambitious band musically.


During the early years there were quite a few people stepping into the role of lead singer who came and went from the band. This ended typically with mixed results both professionally and personally. Therefore from 1992-1996, Javier Villanueva (guitars) assumed the vocal duties , resulting in a vital four years of future training for Easy Rider.This increased their popularity following the publication of various demos and they performed countless concerts throughout their country of Spain. Still however, the group hoped to secure a front man and vocalist that suited their needs and gave more free rein to their creativity. It was then in 1996 that vocalist Eugene Garañeda joined the band.


Musically and stylistically the band wrote songs in the broad field of rock leaving unclosed any influence which could present an enrichment in their sound or technique within each of its members. Forging ahead with classic influences of groups such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Helloween, King Diamond, Gamma Ray as well as modern cutting edge bands of that era who had a more innovative sound as in the likes of Dream Theater, Conception, Sanvoisen, Annihilator, Pantera, Monster Magnet, etc.


Continuing on in 1996, Easy Rider accelerate their musical machine and record a new demo and are signed to Soho music company.


The first album hits the market in 1997 under the title "Perfecta Creación" composed of 9 songs in English and Spanish. The album was received well and exceptionally by the music media.


Between June and September of 1998 Easy Rider recorded their second album "Lord of the Storm". This disc was sung entirely in English with its sights set on the international market offering a much more dynamic and current image for the band both in terms of composition and production.


In 1999 they won the "Best New Band" award from the music magazine "HEAVY ROCK" in its annual "Rockferendum".


In June of 2000, EASY RIDER broke their contract with their former record company and signed with Locomotive Music. The band then proceeded to record at KIRIOS studios in Madrid resulting in their third album "Evilution".


"Evilution" hit the market in October of 2000 with a great impact among the press in Europe. The energy released by each band member was turned up a few notches on this recording and featured a high level of production. Musically, this album showed more than ever the versatility of the group to move within a wide spectrum of trends within rock music including; American, European metal, progressive rock and dark metal influences.


EASY RIDER set out in support of "Evilution" and while on the road, Eugenio Garañeda and Antonio M. Chaves both left the band in January of 2001. This setback forced the group to fully suspend the Evilution Tour 2001 tour altogether.


Far from falling into discouragement remaining group members are put to work immediately to find musicians of a high caliber at which to begin a new era and a new project.


In February 2001 Rafa Diaz joined the band. Rafa had previously been a part of Knell Odyssey, Sabatan, Asgard and Mountains of Madness. (He would in later years join "Baron Rojo" as well).


In October of 2001, after a long period of auditioning singers, Ron Finn is asked to join EASY RIDER. Ron founded in 1986 his first band of Heavy Metal: Mace. He had worked with a well known Boston producer Joe Viglione (who produced the first album of the band). Ron was also a member of other bands such as Suspiria and Mad Jack.


In late 2001, EASY RIDER began work on what would be their fourth album "Regeneration", a name which expressed the feelings of all members regarding the group's future. With the ocean between them and the Internet as a vehicle the band began to compose an album laced with high energy songs full of vitality, drive and above all; METAL! The album was released via Locomotive Records in late April 2002 with a great response from the media and the public.


Between June and October 2003 they recorded their fifth album "Animal" in Madrid Korsakov studies and Power House studios in Massachusetts. This record demonstrated the high degree of rapport the group had acquired reaffirming their powerful sound that has always been the hallmark of the band.


After finishing the "Animal On The Loose Tour '04" tour which took the band through Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany,The Netherlands and Spain, members of the band Easy Rider set out to form side projects. On one side of the Atlantic a band called Neomenia was formed with singer Toni Menguiano. Rafa Diaz was offered to join the current lineup of Baron Rojo. Dani Castellanos formed Menagerie and frontman Ron Finn exercised his vocals in a cover band based in Boston; Wildside.



Easy Rider has shared the stage with renowned bands like Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Blind Guardian, Manowar and made several tours throughout their Spanish territory. In 2004 they embarked on a tour of 15 dates across Europe. During their career, the band has also participated in numerous festivals throughout the Spanish countryside adding their brand of metal to; Eurometal 99, 2000, Metal Machina 2000, Viñarock 2003, Legends of Rock 2010, HOM Festival 2014 Legends of Rock 2014.


In 2013 Easy Rider decided to return with a new album and began composing songs. This album was titled "From The Darkness" published in October 2014 and is a concept album revolving around the vision of a world after a deep crisis. In this scenario breaks a world war driven by large global corporations enslaving humanity after promising a better future. The album talks about the strong will of humankind, rebellion and ascending to the light from the shadows...The album is currently available on ITunes worldwide as well as in retail outlets in Spain.


For this record has recorded a video for the song "Defiance". The video, produced by Krea Films Productions, and directed by Mario Ruiz is the first official videoclip of EASY RIDER



EASY RIDER (2014) - From The Darkness

EASY RIDER (2003) - Animal

EASY RIDER (2002) - Regeneration

EASY RIDER (2000) - Evilution

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EASY RIDER (1997) - Perfecta Creación